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R507 Refrigerant Gas

What is R507 refrigerant gas?

R507 is another refrigerant blend belonging to the HFC family, that is widely used for replacing R502 and R22 in those refrigeration applications that need low and medium temperature. With rising Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3985, using R507 has somehow been restricted in new equipment and pre-existing equipment. However, this refrigerant gas is the best substitute for R502.


Product Description:
Model No.: Refrigerant R507
Classification: Derivative
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Product: Mixed refrigerant R507

Property of chloride :
Molecular Weight 98.86
Boiling Point, °C -47.1
Critical Temperature, °C 70.9
Critical Pressure, Mpa 3.79
Solubility(water, 25°C), % 0.89
GWP 0.847

Packing: Disposable cylinder 25lb/11.3kg; Recyclable cylinder 400L, 800L, 926L; ISO-Tank.

Quality standard :
Purity, % ≥99.8
Moisture, PPm ≤10
Acidity, PPm ≤1
Vapor Residue, PPm ≤100
Appearance Colorless, No turbid
Odor No Strange Stench


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How Can R507 Refrigerant Gas Be Useful? 

R507 is a colorless and transparent liquid gas under ordinary temperature and pressure itself, mixed with HFC-143 and HFC-125; this makes a perfect substitute for R502. This refrigerant gas is widely used in low temperature refrigerating systems.

The R507 refrigerant gas is also commonly used for low and medium temperature applications, including; transport, commercial, industrial refrigeration, ice machines, and process cooling. It replaces R502 and R22 and has comparative attributes to R404A.

Nonetheless, being an azeotropic mix, R507A doesn’t leave any ill effects of coast or fractionation. This makes it reasonable for extra applications, for example, diffusive blowers.

For Which Equipment R507 Gas is Suitable? 

Alike R404A, R507 is also getting high demand due to its high Global Warming Potential (GWP). A legitimate Refrigerant Trading Authorization (AU number) given by the ARC is needed to buy this item.

R507 refrigerant gas is best used with new equipment in those applications that used R502 before – R507 can replace R505. Due to high pressure, R507 is generally a disposable cylinder with a net weight of 11.3kg. We own both brand UISZL and neutral packing.

The rising focus on refrigerant environmental impact is fueling demand for those refrigerant product solutions that can provide satisfactory cooling performance with less global warming impact. At HANGZHOU LEADHUA REFRIGERATION Technology Co, Ltd, we offer substitute refrigerants to use in various applications providing substantially lower GWP.

We supply R507 at high quality and competitive price. Feel free to contact us for more queries on refrigerant gas

Product Features & Benefits

  • Refrigerant can be charged from both vapor phase and liquid or vapor phase
  • A-Gas refrigerant chambers have double port valves, making fluid off-take simpler
  • Substitute for R502, with equivalent physical and thermodynamic properties
  • An azeotropic refrigerant mix containing R125 and R143a
  • Non-combustible with a well-being arrangement of A1
  • Compressors should be accused of polyester oils, contact the blower producer for more data.

Our Package Includes;

  • Disposable Cylinder: 15lbs, 30lbs, 50lbs;
  • CE Cylinder: 12.3L, 14.3L, 50L
  • DOT: 30lbs, 50lbs
  • We can also provide 100L, 400L, 500L, 50L, 60L, 800L, 926, 1000L cylinders with high and low-pressure tanks.



How to use R507 refrigerant gas?

The R507 refrigerant gas is widely used for transport, industrial, and commercial refrigerant applications. It is exceptionally appropriate for use with new hardware in applications that used to utilize R502. As a result of the pressing factor, by and large, the R507 dispensable chamber fills a net weight of 11.3kg. We have both brand UISZL and nonpartisan pressing.

What are the functions of R507 refrigerant gas?

The R507 refrigerant gas is demanded its physical, thermodynamic properties, as well as for its versatility of getting charged from both either liquid or vapor phase. Due to its incredible function and features, a rising focus on the environmental impact of refrigerants is fueling interest in refrigeration arrangements that can give good cooling execution a lower Earth-wide temperature boost sway.

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