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R407c Refrigerant Gas

What is R407c refrigerant gas?

The R-407C refrigerant gas is a mixture of hydrofluorocarbons which are often used as a refrigerant. Also, it’s a zeotropic blend of pentafluoroethane (R-125),1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (R-134a). and difluoromethane (R-32), all of these services to give the warmth limit, pentafluoroethane diminishes combustibility, tetrafluoromethane lessens the pressure.

R407C is an HFC blend designed to have similar properties to R22 in air conditioning systems. R407C is suitable for residential & light air conditioning and direct expansion air conditioning systems. It is also used in medium-temperature refrigeration systems.


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The R407C is an HFC blend designed to provide almost similar properties to R22 in air conditioning systems. This refrigerant gas is suitable for residential, light air conditioning, and direct expansion air conditioning systems. Besides, it can also be used in medium temperature refrigeration systems.

Our R407C refrigerant gas is highly suitable for new equipment, and it can be used to refine old R22 systems with an oil change. At HANGZHOU LEADHUA REFRIGERATION, we supply this refrigerant gas in a wide range of package sizes as per the required applications. This includes both drum tanks and cylinders.

Product Features & Benefits of R407c Refrigerant Gas

A-Gas refrigerant chambers have double port valves, making fluid off-take simpler. 

• Non-combustible with a security order of A1 

• Substitute for R22 with practically identical physical and thermodynamic properties 

• Refrigerant should be charged from the fluid stage to guarantee exact arrangement 

• A zeotropic refrigerant mix containing R32, R125, and R134a 

• The blower should be blamed for polyolester oils, contact blower maker for more data

About Our Refrigerant Gas Cylinder – How We Store?

Our A Gas item chambers are best fitted with RPD – (Residual Pressure Device) to guarantee the used refrigerant or any other substance won’t be reintroduced into a cylinder.

A‑Gas works a returnable chamber armada, and void chambers will be gotten back to an A‑Gas discount accomplice.

Store chambers in a cool, dry, all around ventilated zone, out of direct daylight

Expanding our expert and qualified professionals, we are thoroughly committed to providing a trendy range of R407C Refrigerant Gas to all our valuable clients at the most reasonable price.

Best for Applications

• Mainly used in refrigerating systems of medium & low temperature

• Used in cold storage, display cases, transport refrigeration, supermarket freezers, and ice machines.

Physical & Chemical Properties of Refrigerant Gas

• Chemical Formula: CH2F2, CF3CHF2, CH2FCF3
• Chemical Name: Difloumethane, Pentaflouroethane
• Physical State: Gas at Ambient Temperature
• Odor: Faint Ethereal Odor
• Molecular Weight: 86.2
• Appearance: Clear, Colorless Liquid
• Specific Gravity (water = 1.0): 1.16 @ 21.1°C (70°F) pH:
• Neutral

Not only one, or two, but at HANGZHOU LEADHUA REFRIGERATION, you can expect to discover an immense variety of r407c refrigerant gas options, including; alkyl & derivatives, alkene & products. You can also look over modern evaluation, reagent evaluation, and farming evaluation.


What are the benefits of R407c refrigerant gas?

The best advantage of R407c is, It’s less harmful to the environment unlike R22, while the values of global warming for this refrigerant gas are almost similar to that of R22, yet the potential of ozone depletion is zero. The charging values of an R407C system are equivalent to R22, and components used in an R407C system are all similar.

What are the functions of R407c refrigerant gas?

The main function of R-407C refrigerant gas can be better understood with ingredients, and certain mixtures it is made of. It’s a blend of hydro-fluorocarbons which are used as a refrigerant. Also, It’s a zeotropic blend of penta-fluoroethane (R-125), di-fluoromethane (R-32), and 1,1,1,2-tetra-fluoroethane (R-134a). The Difluoromethane mainly works in providing the required heat capacity, whereas pentafluoroethane reduces flammability, and tetrafluoroethane lowers down the pressure. The cylinder of this refrigerant gas is colored burnt orange. This refrigerant is planned as a substitution for R-22. R-22 creation will be eliminated by 2020 according to the Montreal Protocol.

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