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R22 Refrigerant Gas in China by Hangzhou Leadhua Refrigeration

refrigerant R22

The R22 refrigerant gas is a chemical that prevents air from coming from your air conditioning system cool, so it’s the very important part. Many AC units which were manufactured a decade ago used to utilize AC refrigerant called R134a that’s also known as Freon* and is noted by the EPA as HCFC-22

One of the mixtures delivered from this essential collusion was R22, which is a hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). Likewise alluded to as R-22 freon or HCFC-22 freon, the R22 turned into the standard China refrigerant gas utilized in cooling frameworks from that point onward.


R22 refrigerant R22 is an HCFC refrigerant used for residential and commercial air conditioning and for medium- and low-temperature commercial refrigeration applications, including: food service, supermarket display cases, food storage and processing, and transport refrigeration systems. It is also used as foam blowing agents and intermediate to produce fluorine polymer.
Applications Residential and Commercial A/C Medium- and low-temperature commercial refrigeration, such as food service supermarket display cases food storage and processing ice machines some transport Physical properties:

Component Chemical name Molecular formula Weight%
HCFC-22 Chlorodifluoromethane CHClF2 100
Molecular weight 86.47
Boiling point -40.8 â„ƒ
Critical temperature 96.24℃
Critical pressure 4980kPa
Odor Slight ethereal
Form Liquefied gas
Color Clear, colorless
Heat of vaporization at boiling point 233KJ/kg
Vapor Pressure at 25 â„ƒ 1044kPa
Vapor Density at 25 â„ƒ (Air = 1) 3.03
Liquid Density at 25 â„ƒ 1.194 g/cm3
Ozone Depletion Potential(ODP) 0.034
Global Warming Potential(GWP) 100yr 1700
ASHARE Safety Group Classification A1/A1
Flammability at 1 atm. and 18 â„ƒ Non-flammable

Lubricant Recommendation AB or MO Packing: Iron cans: 800gram/can,

Disposable steel cylinders: 15lb.(6.8kg)/cylinder, 30lb.(13.6kg)/cylinder, 50lb.(22.7kg)/cylinder ,

Refillable steel cylinders: 13.6kg/cylinder, 100kg/cylinder, 400kg/cylinder , 950kgs/ton cylinder,

Iso tanks: 18,000kgs/ tank

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Fill Your Air Conditioning Appliance with High-Quality R22 Refrigerant Gas!

All air conditioning appliances, be it a refrigerator, air conditioner, or vehicle air conditioner, need the best quality refrigerant gas to keep the food fresh and chill the environment. Thus, R22 refrigerant gas always stands to be the best suggestion in this regard.

R22 refrigerant gas works as a kind of chemical which keeps the air from the air conditioning system cool, so it’s undoubtedly essential. Many older air conditioning units above a decade uses R22, which is usually recognized as Freon and is noted by EPA as HCFC-22.

Hangzhou Leadhua Refrigeration is the leading R22 refrigerant gas supplier in China that manufactures reliable refrigerant and air-conditioning gases for commercial refrigeration and automotive applications for years.

How We Certify Standard & Quality of Refrigeration Gases & Products?

We use advanced machines, cutting-edge technology, and tools to manufacture these products at our well-equipped infrastructural premise to ensure the best quality products. Also, we have a highly qualified and trained group of experienced professionals who work with a passion for developing innovative and user-friendly products of optimum quality to meet clients’ ever-growing requirements.

Our primary refrigerants include R23, R22, R134a, R125, R449a, R227a, R236fa, map gas, map pro, and to name a few. Our packaging includes; 2pcs can, high pressure can, disposable cylinder, DOT cylinder, CE reusable cylinder, 926 Ton L cylinder, and ISO tank. Moreover, we also provide customers with refrigerant products OEM services.

Additionally, our open stockroom can store mass amounts in a safe and bother freeway.
Features & Perks of Our Supplied Refrigerant Gas

• Assured quality
• Worldwide compliance
• Refillable cylinders

• Residue refrigerant recovered to prevent environmental damage
• Inner gas is pure genuine from a certified manufacturer
• All refillable cylinders are thoroughly examined before refilling
• Conforms to ARI – 700 purity standard

Packaging Details:
• Normal Packing or Customizing
• Disposable cylinder: 13.6kg(30lbs), 22.7kg(50lbs)
• Refillable cylinder: 800L, 926L, 400L, 1000L

Applications of R22 Refrigerant Gas

Our R22 refrigerant gas – also known as HCFC refrigerant; commonly used for;

• Commercial & residential air conditioning
• For low & medium temperature
• commercial refrigeration applications include supermarket display cases, food service, food storage, processing, & transport refrigeration systems.
• It is also used as a foam blowing agent and an intermediate for producing fluorine polymer.

Industries Using R22 refrigerant Gas

• R22 refrigerant gas is widely used by supermarkets, bakeries, cafe, water chillers, freezer rooms, cold cabinets, cold stores & process cooling.
• R22 gas product comes in various packaging sizes

We adhere to diligence, integrity, security, science, and sharing” Our main motto is to create value for customers and society, which makes our products get the trust of customers at home and abroad. We are willing to work with you hand in hand and make you win in building a glorious future.

We have consistently been centered around keeping up the best principles for our items with strict assessments and periodic inspections. With the direction of the top of the line testing devices, our things go through a few tests dependent on different boundaries to satisfy the worldwide quality guidelines.



How to use R22 Refrigerant gas?

For refilling R22 gas, you’ll need; AC manifold gauge set, Vacuum Pump with 1-4 horsepower, and Refrigerant.

First, locate the suction line(low side) on the air conditioner, and discharge line – high side. These lines are usually located behind a window AC, or in split AC in the outdoor unit. You can find it above the discharge line. Since discharge line is warm to touch, it is normally used for recharging gas into AC.

Unscrew the bolt of the suction line, loosen the screw inside with a Torx hex key. This screw act more like a valve, which doesn’t allow refrigerant flow in, or out until it gets closed. For this reason, loosening screw is must for filling AC gas.

Remove the bolt on left, and connect with blue hose of AC diverse gauge to this port. Connect the yellow hose with a vacuum pump. Remove all the air from the system. This step is important as any moisture left inside the compressor might damage it.

Once you close all valves of the AC manifold gauge, connect the yellow hose with a refrigerant tank. Before opening the tank knob, slightly loosen the yellow hose towards the manifold end,an open knob of a cylinder for a second and close it. This will remove all air inside the pipes. Tighten yellow hose again

Next, open the low knob side of the manifold for 3-4 seconds and close it. Turn ON the AC, and let the compressor kicks in with time. Once the compressor starts, open the low side of the valve again of the manifold, and keep it open for 4 seconds, then close it for 2 seconds.

By doing this, you can note the exact spot where pressure settles in the gauge when you close the valve. Thus, keep opening and closing the valve until the pressure finally settles between 60-70 PSI. Once it reaches the desired range, close the manifold valve, close the refrigerant tank knob, unscrew the blue hose from the suction line, and unscrew the yellow hose from the refrigerant tank.

What is the function of R22 Refrigerant gas?

R22 refrigerant called by its chemical name, hydro chlorofluorocarbon 22 (HCFC-22), it’s the main key to absorb and remove heat from a space. For this critical function, R22 refrigerant has been in use for years in mini-splits, heat pumps, central air conditioners, car AC systems, and other refrigeration products. However, the main uses of R22 come in domestic air conditioners including; split AC, window AC, packaged AC, and also in other central air conditioning systems. This refrigerant gas is non-toxic and non-flammable which makes it secure for industrial and domestic purposes.

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