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R134a Refrigerant Gas | Car Air Conditioner Refrigerant R134a

Refrigerant R134a

R134a is commonly known as China refrigerant gas as its widely supplied by China refrigerant manufacturers to other required retailers/consumers around the world. Apart from many leading suppliers, r134a refrigerants is also counted among the top China refrigerant gas suppliers in the market.

We deal in providing almost all kinds of refrigerant gas for commercial and automotive air conditioning purposes. Discover a wide variety of refrigerant gas with durability, quality, and longevity.



Chemical name: 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluorethane

UN 3139 CLASS 2.2 CAS 811-97-2

HS CODE: 29033990.90


Product name: R134a

Physical Property:

Molecular Formula CH2FCF3
Component 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluorethane
Molecular weight 102.03
Boiling Point,℃ -26.5
Critical Temperature,℃ 101.1
Critical Pressure, Mpa 4.070
GWP 1300
ODP 0.000


Quality Index:

Purity,% ≥99.9
Moisture,PPm ≤10
Acidity,PPm: ≤0.1
Vapor Residue,PPm ≤100
Appearance: Colorless, No turbid
Odor: No special odor


Packing: Can of 340G and 1000G. Disposable cylinder 30b/13.6kg, 50lb/22.7kg. Recycable cylinder : 950kg/926L,18tons/ISO-tank

Application: For automotive air-conditioning, substitute R12








Best Car Air Conditioner R134a Refrigerant Gas Suppliers? Come to Us!

When looking for the best quality refrigerant gas for car air conditioners, then a top choice of market demand is always one; R134a Refrigerant Gas. Apart from automotive air conditioning, it is also used in high-temperature and new medium stationary commercial refrigeration and home appliances, and chiller systems.

Besides, it very well may be utilized to retrofit existing R-12 refrigeration and cooling systems. Likewise, it is the worldwide norm for new versatile cooling and can retrofit existing R-12 portable cooling systems.

HANGZHOU LEADHUA REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY is a leading manufacturer and supplier of car air conditioner refrigerant R134a gas cylinders in China. Established years ago with a trade license, we stand as reputable, professional, and liberal developing companies with long-term experience in exporting refrigerant gas products worldwide.

How is R134a Refrigerant Gas Beneficial / Eco – friendly?

This car air conditioner refrigerant R134a (HFC-134a) is currently known as one of the primary refrigerant working substances to replace CFC-12. It doesn’t contain chlorine atoms, no harmful effects against the ozonosphere, and provides some incredible safety performances like; non-explosive ability, non-pungency, and non-inflammability, non-toxicity, & non-corrosive ability.

This refrigerant gas is a colorless gas underneath ordinary temperatures & a transparent liquid under pressure itself. Since it can be used as a substitute for CFC-12, it can be instrumental in auto air conditioners for commercial and industrial purposes.
Moreover, the R134a refrigerant gas is also used for producing heat-protective material made with rigid plastics, for preparing other mixed refrigerants including; R404A, R407C, and HFC-134a automobiles air-conditioner system, which is superior to CFC-12 in-unit refrigeration quality and COP.

About Uses & Packaging of Refrigerant Gas

R134a makes the best refrigerant substitute of R12 and thus widely used in refrigeration applications, including; refrigerators, commercial cooling systems, central air conditioning, automotive, air-conditioning. This refrigerant gas is used as a foaming agent and as an aerosol in insecticidal, medical, cosmetic, and cleaning products.

The packaging of our supplied car air conditioner refrigerant R134a includes;

• Disposable can of 300g
• Disposable cylinder 30lb/13.6kg
• Recyclable cylinder 400kg,800kg

Applications & Benefits

The R134a refrigerant gas is ultimately used in older vehicles and those updated automotive models even before 2017. Yet there’s space for R134a refrigerant when it needs to re-gas since R1234yf is not a retrofit option for these vehicles.

Best Applications;

 Households, industrial, and commercial air – conditioning systems.
 Can be used as an aerosol propellant for pesticide & paint/fire extinguishing agent
 It is a primary feed-stock for fluoropolymers
 Airport, hospitals, Life Sciences & Biomedical Labs
 Automotive Air Conditioning
 Commercial & Retail Air Conditioning
 Food & Beverage, Refrigeration, Stationary Air Conditioning

They are broadly used in commercial and stationary applications.

Product Variety in R134a Refrigerant Gas

In r134a refrigerant gas, we own a wide variety accessible to you, including; alkyne and subsidiaries, alkyl and subordinates, and alkene and subsidiaries.

Our items are stocked incorporate Refrigerants: R600/R22 R134A/R404a/R407c/R410a/R1234YF and so forth. Capacitor: CBB65 CBB60 CBB61 CD60A CD60B SPP5 SPP6 and so on, Our clients are everywhere in the world.

Still looking for best Car Air Conditioner refrigerant R134a suppliers? Don’t delay, contact us today!



Q.1) what is an R134a Refrigerant?

R134a refrigerant is an HFC refrigerant commonly used for vehicle air conditioning, as well as a substitute for R12 & R22 in those applications which need medium and high temperatures including; domestic refrigeration chillers, and commercial refrigerators, etc. The R-134a refrigerant gas requires polyester (POE) lubricant to use as a compressor.


Q.2) What is the function of an R134a Refrigerant?

The R134a refrigerant starts working at compressor where it compresses R134a refrigerant from low to high-pressure cool gas – vapor. This liquid then travels using an expansion valve. During the process, the pressure of the liquid changes to become a cold low-pressure liquid

This working principle makes this non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive refrigerant safe to use for normal handling. Presently, it is also used as a noticeable all-around molding system in more advanced car vehicles. The assembling business uses it in plastic froth blowing. Drugs industry uses it as a force.


Q.3) What is R134a Refrigerator gas?

R134a as refrigerator gas is also known as Tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F) belongs to the category of HFC refrigerant. Since the day when the damaging effect of CFCs and HCFCs refrigerants started occurring on the ozone layer, from that time, HFC refrigerants are widely considered to be used as an accurate replacement.

Now, it is being used for replacing R-12 CFC refrigerant in centrifugal area, rotary scroll, screw, screw, and reciprocating compressors. It is ok for typical dealing as it is non-harmful, non-combustible, and non-destructive.


Q.4) How to use R134a Refrigerator gas?

To use R134a gas, you’ll need a bullet piercing valve to fill Freon gas (according to your fridge manual, air-conditioning conversion adopter from R12 to R134a, multi-bit screwdriver without a bit of Freon recharge hose, and Freon gauge

Disconnect the fridge, from a power outlet and remove screws from the back. The bullet piercing valve comes with two adapters for different tube sizes. You need to check which one fits your tube size. Once you get the right size, then start working on putting a piercing valve.

Type down the three outer screws with an Allen wrench that also comes with a piercing valve- it works by piercing a hole in the tube, so you can add Freon R134s gas through this place, yet it also works like a valve in meantime – you can open and close to add Freon, or to remove Freon, or even for checking levels of this refrigerant gas

First, make sure, it gets seal tight. Next, un-tap it adds conversion bow. Take Freon Cat and connect it to the recharge hose. We prefer a manual quantity of Freon gas in commercial refrigerators. Add it by burst, and then check in with your gauge. With gauge, you can see how much Freon has been added to the freezer, so you don’t overfill it. Once you reach your desired Freon level, then close the valve, remove the adapter, and add Catback


Q.5) What are the benefits of R134a Refrigerator Gas?

The R134a refrigerator gas is known and demanded phenomenal advantages, most importantly; it is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. The boiling point of this refrigerant gas ranges around -15.34 degrees Fahrenheit or -26.3 degrees Celsius which makes it exist in gas form when exposed to the environment. This is the most critical desired property since the boiling point of refrigerant has to be less than the marked temperature.


Q.6) What is Car Air Conditioner refrigerant R134a?

R134a is an HFC, used in automotive air conditioning, yet It can also be considered as a replacement for R12 and R22 in medium and high-temperature refrigeration applications. The R134a refrigerant for automotive car air conditioning is selected for its ultimate safety, and low flammability.

Therefore, all new vehicles manufactured in the 90’s era are frequently equipped with R134s refrigerants.


Q.7) How to use Car Air Conditioner refrigerant R134a?

Filling R134a refrigerant gas into car is though easy, yet a lengthy task as it comprises various steps from collecting required items to losing can and inserting inside your Car AC system. Check out this detailed guide on This is How You Refill AC Refrigerant R134a in Your Car. There you’ll find a complete guide on using R134a refrigerant gas in a car AC system.


Q.8) What are the functions of Car Air Conditioner refrigerant R134a?

This refrigerant gas mainly starts working at compressor from a low pressure cool gas to a high pressure hot gas. The fluid goes through an extension valve, and simultaneously, the fluid changes strain to turn into a virus low pressing factor fluid.

R134a is a HFC, utilized in auto cooling and as a swap for R12 and R22 in medium and high temperature refrigeration applications, like business and homegrown refrigeration and chillers.

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