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R290 Refrigerant Gas

What is R290 refrigerant gas?

R290 refrigerant gas is a refrigerant grade propane; a natural, or “not in kind” refrigerant that is eligible to use for a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The use of this refrigerant gas is increasing on a high scale for its low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance. R290 is not dangerous, nor can we cause it to explode, and it won’t burn down your house, etc. The condenser and compressor will too hot that it needs some airflow (here R290 works much better)


Leading Source to Get Quality Propane R290 Refrigerant Gas

If you’re looking for something reliable and worth money investing in commercial refrigeration, then look no further than Hangzhou Leadhua Refrigeration Technology Co Ltd. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of R290 refrigerant gas throughout China.

R290 gas is a very high-quality product that contains a minimum Propane content of 99%, without any moisture. This makes it highly suitable as a refrigerant. Also, this specified hydrocarbon and the halogen-free refrigerant is the best replacement for HCFCs and CFCs. This helps in promoting eco-friendly products.

We provide this propane R290 gas in vast package sizes to cater to all requirements of concerning applications. Our propane refrigerant gas product includes both drum tanks and cylinders. Whether you need commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, process chilling, or heat extraction, our refrigerant gas product is versatile enough to meet the requirement in all regards.

How Can Propane Refrigerant Be Beneficial in Terms of Use & Properties?

The R290, a refrigerant grade propane, is often used as a substitute to the R407 and R404A series of refrigerants in new refrigeration and air conditioning systems. R290 refrigerant gas is a Hydrocarbon that is highly flammable yet an efficient refrigerant with the least Global Warming Potential (GWP).
Moreover, it has some excellent properties. R290 is wholesome propane, gaining high demand as a refrigerant for its zero Ozone Depletion Potential & shallow Global Warming Potential. The high quality and low moisture content of Propane R290 gas, which we manufacture, can provide a reasonable solution to perfectly suit your requirements.

Having the same durability, efficiencies, cooling effects, and other striking factors as fluorocarbon refrigerants, R290 is thoroughly demanded in the years to come and is an excellent substitute to R-22 without any additional required modifications.

This item is regularly in any event 99.5% unadulterated with insignificant degrees of basic pollution, including dampness and unsaturated hydrocarbons. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of refrigeration systems.

Features, Benefits, & Applications of Propane R290 Refrigerant Gas

Common applications include;

  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Industrial / commercial air conditioning DX chillers
  • Commercial refrigeration / vending machines

Product Features & Benefits

  • Low GWP of 3
  • Contains best thermodynamic properties that cause high energy efficiency
  • Refrigerant can be charged from both liquid and vapor phase
  • A‑Gas refrigerant chambers have double port valves, making fluid off-take simpler
  • Flammable and low nonpoisonous with a security grouping of A3
  • Compressors can be accused of an assortment of oils; contact the blower maker for more data
  • Due to its explosive nature, R290 (Propane) requires distinctive charging, recuperation methods, and gear

The R290 refrigerant gas which we make and supply is best to suit for new R290 systems. It is a combustible refrigerant, and this way not reasonable for retrofitting existing fluorocarbon refrigerant frameworks.

Our items are top-rated because of their superior quality and reasonable costs. Besides, we guarantee to convey these items to our customers; we have picked up a tremendous customer base on the lookout through this conveniently.



What are the benefits of R290 refrigerant gas?

The most highlighting advantage of R-290 refrigerant gas is; it has tremendous potential in commercial refrigeration applications. It is highly efficient, environment-friendly, and high-performing. It could adequately take out EPA consistency worries for years to come. In any case, despite its latent capacity, R-290 still can’t seem to accomplish mass allure. Public discernment and a shortfall of an industry-wide security foundation keep on controlling its more extensive reception.

The food service businesses have been asked by EPA to choose R290, which is also known as hydrocarbon or HC refrigerant; A natural, non-toxic, and free of ozone-depleting properties. Also, this refrigerant gas has a higher purity level as compared to standard propane.

What are the basic function and uses of R290 refrigerant gas?

R290 is refrigerant grade propane, often considered as a substitute to R404A and R407 refrigerant series in new refrigeration and air conditioning systems. This refrigerant gas is a Hydrocarbon and regardless of being highly flammable, yet it is efficient enough with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP). As far as uses of R290 refrigerant gas is concerned, so it’s used in plenty of applications including; vending machines, chill cabinets, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration,small air conditioning systems, large air conditioning, transport refrigeration, food processing, heat pumps, and water heaters, etc.

What is Propane R290?

The Propane R290 is refrigerant grade propane, which is often used as an alternate to the R407 and R404A series of refrigerants in advanced refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It is a hydrocarbon blend, highly flammable, but has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

How to use Propane R290?

How user-friendly any refrigeration gas is, totally depends on how cylinder and working of refrigerant gas have been designed for a particular use. However, if you consider our product, then using our supplied R290 refrigerant can be quite convenient for you. The charging can be done by bringing pressure from the lower side up to a point of about 10 pounds under the outside air temperature. Bring the pressure up to around 70 lbsat 80 Degrees F. This works best up at a temperature around 85 degrees.

What are the functions of Propane R290?

The Propane R290 is also known as CARE 40; refrigerant-grade propane. It’s a natural, or “not in kind”, refrigerant which is highly suitable to use for a wide range of refrigeration &air conditioning applications. The utilization of R290 is expanding because of its low natural effect and magnificent thermodynamic execution.

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