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R600a Refrigerant Gas

What is Isobutene R600A?

The Isobutane R600A is a refrigerant grade that is commonly used for replacing R12 and R134a in those refrigeration applications which need high temperature. The R600a is a hydrocarbon that is getting popular each for its low Global Warming Potential (GWP). And is often referred to be the high choice in the market for light commercial as well as domestic refrigeration units such as; drink dispensers, fridges and freezers, and standalone display units.


Come to The Leading R600A Isobutane Refrigerant Gas Suppliers!

Wish to be the leading refrigerant gas suppliers throughout your business niche? HANGZHOU LEADHUA REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY can help you best, as we are the leading Isobutane R600A refrigerant gas suppliers in China.

We offer this Isobutane R600A gas in an extensive range of package sizes as per your required applications. This includes both drum tanks and cylinders. This refrigerant gas is 99.5% pure with the least critical impurities such as; unsaturated hydrocarbons and moisture.

This makes it versatile to use in all types of refrigeration systems.

What is R600a Refrigerant Gas About?

The Isobutane R600A, also known as CARE 10, is a refrigerant grade Isobutane – a natural or “not – in -kind” refrigerant best to use for different refrigeration applications.

The rise of R600a refrigerant gas is rapidly increasing for its low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance. It is currently the refrigerant gas of decision in homegrown and little business fridges. It is non-harmful with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and lows GWP (Global Warming Potential).

At HANGZHOU LEADHUA REFRIGERATION, we give an enormous assortment of r600a refrigerant gas choices that are accessible for your benefit, including; alkyl and subordinates, and other alkyne items. Though, you can likewise browse reagent and a modern evaluation.

Product Features & Benefits

• Low GWP of 3
• Best thermodynamic properties resulting in high energy efficiency
• Refrigerant can be charged from either the liquid and vapor phase
• gas refrigerant chambers have double port valves, making fluid offtake simpler
• Flammable and non-harmful with a security grouping of A3
• Compressors can be accused of an assortment of oils; contact the blower producer for more data
• Due to its combustible nature, R600a (Iso-Butane) requires diverse charging and recuperation techniques

Features & Applications of Isobutane R600A Refrigerant Gas


• R600a refrigerant gas has a power consumption
• It has a low speed for loading temperature rise
• It doesn’t cause a greenhouse effect
• R600a provides an influential cooling performance
• R600a is well-suited with various lubricants


• Used as a refrigerant in automobile air conditioning, household, and commercial refrigerant applications
• Also used as aerosol, flame retardant, and blowing agent in pharmaceutical, agro-chemical, cosmetics, and cleaning sectors
• Besides, R600a refrigerant gas is also used in;
• vending machine and plug-ins
• Geothermal power generation
• Aerosol sprays
• In the petrochemical industry, as a feed-stock
• In beverage dispensers
• In dehumidifiers

Packaging Details of Refrigerant Gas

• Normal Packing or Customizing
• Packing specification: Steel cylinder; 13.6kg/400kg/ 800kg / 22.7kg/40kg/ISO-tank
• Refillable cylinder
• Disposable cylinder
• Three Slices Can
• Two Slices Can

Our quality Isobutane R600A refrigerant gas products are environment-protective and available in a wide variety like; R402B, R404A, R1270, R290, R401A, R600A, R134A, R22, R406A, R407C, R408A, R409A, R415B, R417A, and R507, etc.

This choice in variety makes it stand in high esteem throughout the air-conditioning refrigerant industry.

We carefully submit to the responsibility of furnishing clients with excellent quality items and long-lasting administrations, which are trusted and upheld by all the clients.



How to use Isobutene R600A?

The entire electrical circuit of refrigerant gas is best to use for flammable gases to protect against any generating spark. Also, it’s must know there is a very small size hydrocarbon charge in any refrigerator, the weight of this hydrocarbon charge varies depending on the type of application; for instance, if a refrigerator is for household use, then its 80 gram, whereas its, 150 grams for commercial systems.

There are critical hazards of isobutane poses explosion hazards, thus it has to be used with utmost care and precaution. Since Isobutane R600A as refrigerants in air conditioners and refrigerators in home appliances is hazardous, hence it’s used very carefully.

What is the function of an Isobutane R600A?

Isobutane R600a has become popular from the past few years for its exceptional thermodynamics performance, and sunken impact on environment. It is a nontoxic substance with zero ozone consumption potential and low a worldwide temperature alteration potential. R600a cycles may utilize an arrangement of current fume pressure with least plan changes.

What is R600a refrigerant gas?

The R600a refrigerant gas is environmentally friendly and effective one used for various refrigeration applications. it flaunts low force utilization and burden power. It is likewise viable with numerous greases. R600a is regularly utilized because of its low natural effect and great thermodynamic execution. Moreover, this refrigerant gas is an ultimate replacement for harmful refrigerants like;R22,R13a, R12, hydro-fluorocarbon, and chlorofluorocarbon. R600a comes from fuel gas that is naturally produced.

How to use R600a refrigerant gas?

R600a refrigerant gas should be handled with high care, while its transportation and packaging should be done as per the guidelines. It’s a flammable gas, which should be kept away from flames. It must be handled by person who is wearing mask since offensive inhalation of this gas can lead to serious problems. This refrigerant gas has eco-friendly properties with a global concern of ozone layer depletion. Besides, this refrigerant gas has become a popular choice to consider for small commercial refrigerants and domestic refrigerants. Some major, yet common uses include; industrial refrigeration, vending machine, plug-ins, and geothermal power generation.

What are the functions of R600a refrigerant gas?

The main function, yet dominant trait of R600a refrigerant gas is, it’s non-toxic with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and has low GWP (Global Warming Potential). it displays low power use and weight power. It is moreover feasible with various oils. R600a is routinely used as a result of its low characteristic impact and extraordinary thermodynamic execution. Additionally, this refrigerant gas is an extreme trade for hurtful refrigerants like; R22, R13a, R12, hydro-fluorocarbon, and chlorofluorocarbon. R600a comes from fuel gas that is normally delivered.


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